Ron Dennis says he is convinced McLaren now has "right people to do the job".

McLaren endured a dismal season in 2015, scoring only 27 points and finishing ninth in the Constructors', ahead of only F1 minnows Manor.

Despite a turbulent year, however, Dennis is adamant the Woking outfit has "one of the best teams of people it has had for a long time" going into 2016.

"First of all, the responsibility for the performance of the car and how they run at the circuit isn't mine," he replied, when asked if he has started to question his own role.

"What is my responsibility is choosing the people who have that responsibility and I don't do that singularly and on my own. I still have the firm belief that we have one of the best teams of people that we've had for a long time - our engineering group is highly motivated and focused.

"You can't change things quickly and recover quickly but do I believe that we now have the right people to do the job? Yes, I do."

Dennis did admit, however, that he didn't feel that was the case just 12 months ago: "I didn't feel that a year ago, or the year before that, but we inevitably live in not just a competitive world as regards engines and chassis, but people too," he explained.

"I think F1 has learned the art of 'lock-up' - if you want a top person, you have to wait a year, and the teams are wealthy enough to sit them on gardening leave for a year. We've done a lot of work to improve our technical group and, as time passes by, you'll see our own efforts to improve the quality of our technical group begin to unfold as people inevitably move around."

Dennis also said that while McLaren has lost people to other teams, on balance he feels they are definitely ahead going into 2016 and 2017.

"We've lost no real top people [lately]... do we like losing good people? No but, if I had to weigh up who we've got joining the team over the course of the next two years versus who we've lost in the last two years, it balances heavily in favour of the future," he concluded.



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