He may not have had many reasons to be cheerful in 2015, but Fernando Alonso proved there was a still a slither of humour to be had from his dismal return to the McLaren fold in 2015 when he inadvertently sparked a social media movement.

A day after an image of him sitting glumly beside his expired MP4-30 went viral during free practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix, Alonso took it up a notch when the same thing happened during qualifying at Interlagos, finding a deckchair and enjoying a spot of sunbathing.

Eliciting a few chuckles amongst the viewing public, Alonso later joked that he wished he had brought some sun cream and his phone him.

Better still, Alonso's actions would spark a social media movement, with mock ups of 'that' image doing the rounds associated with the #PlacesAlonsoWouldRatherBe meme trending globally.

Even Ron Dennis claimed to have chuckled at some of the creative tweets...

Take a look back at a selection of the best. Got a favourite?

(My personal favourite)



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