As we near the end of 2015, we take a look back at some of the best - and worst - F1 moments making the headlines over the last twelve months...

Best of 2015: Red Bull proves it still has a GSOH

It may have taken a while for the team to find its form on track, but Red Bull Racing made an immediate impression on the F1 community when it debuted in 2005 through its lively approach to marketing, the fun-loving attitude and 'extreme' image that successfully transformed a sickly energy drink into a multi-billion pound brand reflecting on the team in those first years...

However, the 'tongue-in-cheek' approach that once had Christian Horner jumping naked into Monaco Harbour and the team issue a race preview that simply criticised the French, has dissipated over the years, the seriousness growing with the trophy count.

Even so, as Red Bull fell from grace in 2015 with more headlines generated off-track, it still showed a bit of the GSOH that it made such an impression with ten years ago as it made light of a serious situation with a 'lonely car' advert on the look-out for a new engine partner.

In the end Red Bull would reconcile with its 'first love'... albeit shared with Renault and under a new name. Modern relationships, eh?


First published: 30th October 2015

Lovelorn Red Bull posts lonely car ad

Red Bull showed it still has a 'GSOH' over its current engine situation after parodying itself with a 'lonely hearts' ad towards potential suppliers.

With power unit options dwindling for 2016 with only three rounds of this season remaining, Red Bull Racing took to Twitter to post an advert seeking a 'non-smoking partner' for its 'lonely RB12'.

Despite the humorous take on its situation, Red Bull seems no closer to sourcing the engine deal it is seeking. Initially hoping to land a Mercedes deal, the German manufacturer turned it down for fear of assisting a rival before Ferrari did the same over Red Bull's demands for a current specification power unit.

As it stands, Ferrari could still supply a 2015 specification engine and Honda has also been mentioned, though McLaren is understood to be blocking that deal. It could also retain Renault engines, though Christian Horner has flatly ruled this out.

UPDATE: Red Bull would eventually continue with Renault power, but the power unit will be named TAG-Heuer and the four-time title winning team will take charge of development



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