Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg says he cannot say whether or not he is underestimated, but insists he is only in F1 to win and was delighted with the way he finished the 2015 season.

Rosberg was unable to stop team-mate Lewis Hamilton from taking the Drivers' title for a second year in succession, with the Briton securing it in Austin, with three races to go. After that, however, Rosberg had the edge, winning in Mexico, Brazil and Abu Dhabi to go into the winter break on a high.

Reflecting on 2015, and asked if he feels undervalued, Rosberg told "There hasn't been any criticism directed personally to me. Consequently, it's hard for me to answer that question.

"I can't say whether I am underestimated. Those are views expressed by other people about me, and I don't get to hear much of it. That's not the reason I race - I'm in it to win it. And I've been quite successful in that respect recently."

Rosberg also added while relations between him and Hamilton can be strained, Niki Lauda is a good "peacemaker".

"Niki is doing a great job in his department. He is certainly very good in his role as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. At the track, he's still got the racer in him and he's also the peacemaker," Rosberg confirmed.

"If things go wrong, he says: 'Oh, never mind. Let's sit down and sort this out'. So he applies his racing mentality."

Meanwhile, Rosberg noted that while he was pleased with the way he performed when Michael Schumacher was his team-mate from 2010-2012, it is different now with Hamilton, given the stakes are so much higher.

"During our time together, Michael was definitely not all that far off, as the statistics show. However, we were in a totally different situation from now," Rosberg explained. "At that time, we were operating in the midfield, whereas now we have the best car. So it's not entirely comparable. Now it's more intense. There is far more at stake when you're fighting for the world championship. When I was competing with Michael for eighth place, it was slightly different - less intense.

"It was an interesting time though for me. I saw why he was a seven-time world champion. He was brilliant all round and did a good job in so many ways. I'm happy that I beat him over those three years.

"That was important."



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