As we near the end of 2015, we take a look back at some of the best - and worst - F1 moments making the headlines over the last twelve months...

Best of 2015: F1 has talent

This year's United States Grand Prix weekend was heavily disrupted by rain and wind, brought about by two storm fronts sweeping across Texas and the effects of Hurricane Patricia - which battered Mexico.

It forced the cancellation of FP2 and also the postponement of qualifying until Sunday morning. Despite that though, F1 still put on a show, albeit rather different to normal, and while unlikely to trouble the acts on TV's Britain's Got Talent or The X-Factor et al, it showed the sport does have a sense of humour...


First published: 25th October 2015

Breakdancing, bowling and boating - F1 has talent

Fans may not have had the chance to see F1 tearing up the track in qualifying for the United States Grand Prix, but teams and drivers did their utmost to raise some smiles amongst the more foolhardy stationed at the Circuit of the Americas.

On a day that saw persistently heavy rain and indecision over whether to run cars on track, FP3 took place behind closed doors after organisers attempted to deter spectators from travelling through localised floods, only to then cancel qualifying after three hours of waiting once it had opened its gates again.

Coming at a time when questions are being raised about whether F1 can ever get a significant fan base in the United States, the poor weather and ongoing delays are unlikely to endear it further.

Nonetheless, drivers and teams did their bit to try and entertain in the absence of any track running, with set pieces ranging from the bizarre to the downright amusing.

With Williams kicking things off with their human rowboat, Sauber created their own boat complete with propeller to be dragged down the pit lane, before Force India introduced their own bobsleigh attempt.

Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat gave their own impromptu audition for Strictly Come Dancing, though both were comprehensively out-performed by a Force India team member who busted some rather impressive breakdancing moves, much to the delight of the crowd and those around.

With Nico Rosberg showing off his football skills, Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen played around with a spot of bowling and 'fishing' before their respective fathers got in on the act by pretending to be their (slimmer) sons.

Beyond the fun and games, organisers eventually allowed fans into the pit lane to meet drivers once it was confirmed qualifying had been cancelled, drives are hoping the spectators haven't been too deterred.