Daniil Kvyat says he won't dwell on the prospect of the sister Toro Rosso team emerging with a stronger package than Red Bull in 2016 as they forge alternative development paths with different power units.

After making his debut with Toro Rosso in 2014, Kvyat stepped up to the Red Bull 'A' team in 2015 alongside Daniel Ricciardo, picking up his first career F1 podium en route to seventh in the overall standings, ahead of his more experienced team-mate.

Staying with Red Bull for 2016, Kvyat will once again drive a Renault-powered car this season after months of wrangling behind-the-scenes, but the sister Toro Rosso team is switching to Ferrari power, albeit a year old.

Coming after a season that saw Toro Rosso occasionally challenge Red Bull in both qualifying and the races using the same Renault power, it is reckoned the Italian outfit's switch to Ferrari could be impetus it needs to either get on terms more regularly or even prove quicker.

Though he admits Toro Rosso's Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz made an impression in 2015, he does not wish to entertain the notion that the 'junior' team could get the better of Red Bull this season.

"Obviously it was very close this year at most of the races," he said. "We have just been slightly ahead and we have just managed to score more points. Obviously many things can happen in Formula One, everything can turn around.

"I don't want to think about this kind of situation. I just try to deliver and try to focus on the things I can have influence on."

Following a break down in relations with Renault, Red Bull spent several months seeking a new engine deal with a rival manufacturer, only to be turned down by Mercedes, Ferrari and Honda. Alternatively, Ferrari did offer engines to Toro Rosso, while Red Bull will now persevere with Renault power, but will do so under TAG-Heuer branding.