F1 is expected to get a little louder this year with Williams chief Pat Symonds predicting the 2016 power units to be up to 25% noisier due to the revised technical regulations.

The updated regulations for the new year will force F1 teams to have a minimum of one pipe from the wastergate exiting from the rear of the car as well as the main exhaust, rather than just one rear pipe.

Williams chief technical officer Symonds says it should create a noticeable jump in volume from the exhaust and engines, which has been one of the major complaints about the new V6 turbo engines that they are too quiet compared to its roaring V8 predecessor.

"There's a pipe joining the wastegate and the main tailpipe it acts as what is known as a side branch resonator," Symonds said at the Autosport International show. "It means that actually even with the wastegate closed it acts like a silencer in the exhaust, so getting rid of that means it is going to be a bit louder.

"It will be a bit louder, about one and a half [decibels]. In terms of what you are actually going to perceive, even with the wastegate closed you're going to perceive that the engine is around 14% louder. And with the wastegate open that should be 20-25% louder, so quite significant.

"In addition I think you may hear some of the signature noises from the turbo, some of the whistles and pops and things like that, but I'm afraid we're going to have to wait and see with that one."



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