Jean Todt has revealed he has instructed an audit company to look into the FIA's records to 'advise improvements' if necessary following a number scandals that have consumed other sports at the highest level.

Several global sporting bodies are currently facing scrutiny following a number of high profile revelations, most notably corruption inquiries into football's FIFA, drug scandals in the IAAF for athletics and now match-fixing in tennis.

It is such unscrupulous activity that the FIA is keen prove isn't prevalent in motorsport, with President Todt going as far as to arrange an independent audit from an external company to ensure it is leading by example.

"Unfortunately some global sporting organisations have been facing some problems and I can only be sorry for them," he said. "My role as President of the FIA is to run an organisation which is an example and that is what we try to do.

"If I am comfortable about the way our organisation is structured and run. I must say I am very proud of all the people who are involved with it.

"Saying that, I feel if you are aiming for excellence you can always try to do better so I've asked a specific audit company to have a look at our organisation and if they feel they can advise us with some improvements I am very happy to take them on board."

Despite this, F1 is still facing analysis by high power after Force India and Sauber approached the EU Commission to investigate its claims that revenue distribution in the sport is 'unfair and unlawful'.



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