Sebastian Vettel says he enjoyed getting back in the Ferrari SF15-T one final time as he did his bit for Pirelli's wet tyre test at Paul Ricard.

After Kimi Raikkonen drove on the first day, Vettel took over from his team-mate today and proceeded to top the timesheets with a 1min 06.750s lap in the closing stages as Pirelli turned its attention to tyre performance in drying conditions.

His second track outing in 2016 after testing a 2014 specification F14-T at Firoano earlier this month, Vettel says he enjoyed getting back behind the wheel of the three-time race winning SF15-T before makes way for the Scuderia's 2016 challenger.

"It is always useful to drive the car, always fun, especially if you have all day in the wet it is quite good fun," he said. "We tested some things and had a testing programme with a lot of prototypes and different tyres with different results but obviously when we are testing we don't know when we are testing which ones will be there to use in the future.

Asked what he felt about the tyres as Pirelli worked through a programme of 'blind testing' - not telling the drivers what they are using -, Vettel admits it was hard to give a specific response.

"In the end you are a bit blind," he continued. "You have a rough idea of what tyres you test and you know how the tyres felt last year. Then again it is not clear what is going to happen after this. Some sets you have a better and a worse feeling at different areas around the track so there are some results but it is up to Pirelli to go ahead with it.

"It was fairly consistent conditions, we mostly used the extreme wets and had one run on the intermediates to get an idea on the crossover points. It is natural that when it is a bit drier that the extreme wets are suffering a bit more. It was fairly consistent and there was no major drop off in lap times."



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