Pirelli is set to host a meeting with key F1 stakeholders to open discussions on what the sport wants from its tyre performance in preparation for the 2017 regulations revamp.

The Italian manufacturer will welcome key figureheads from F1 teams, the FIA, the FOM and commercial rights holders Bernie Ecclestone to its Milan headquarters next week and feels the meeting is of 'vital importance' to strengthen its relationship with F1 which it considers its 'biggest challenge'.

Pirelli is also keen to secure more on-track testing with F1 teams to improve its tyre prototypes during the evolution of the current cars in the V6 Hybrid era.

This week, the tyre company recently held a two-day wet tyre test at the Paul Ricard circuit with Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren and also ran a one-day test after the 2015 season finale in Abu Dhabi.

It is expected to hold additional tyre tests immediately after the Spanish and British GPs with F1 teams but is asking for more track time to make significant improvements and cater for the demands set on the by any new or altered sporting regulations in 2017.

"This [on-track testing] is a factor that has been extremely limited in recent years, despite the important evolution of the cars and subsequent increase in performance," Pirelli said via a statement. "All these are vital steps towards tyre development that takes into account the future evolution of the cars and added performance, which will be particularly notable in 2017."



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