The future direction of Formula 1 is set to receive greater clarity today as the FIA and technical chiefs meet to discuss a raft of topics, including car regulations and race formats.

With only minor tweaks to the regulations set for 2016, attention is now turning to 2017 and plans to overhaul certain areas of the sport in an effort to improve the spectacle and win back fans.

Primary discussions will focus on the technical regulations for 2017, with the FIA looking to finalise plans to make cars upwards of five seconds per lap faster, be more difficult to drive and be designed to a more 'aggressive' blueprint. However, initial drafts are already being toned down due to Pirelli's insistence it cannot deliver the speeds without raising tyre pressures, which would thus lose grip.

It is also concerned the draft is flawed in its intention since some teams are unconvinced the changes will deliver the close racing it is attempting to achieve. Furthermore, there is likely to be division with regards to how far the propose changes go from the current regulations, which have been criticised for being too engine-dependent, with Mercedes likely to favour moderate changes and Red Bull striving for an overhaul.

In addition, teams will discuss the potential implementation of increased cockpit safety measures after Grand Prix Drivers' Association issued a request to have the dubbed 'halo' concept considered and introduced as soon as 2017.

Other measures on the agenda include the potential of F1 introducing a 'sprint race' on Saturday as part of a possible weekend format shake up, the re-introduction of refuelling and the confirmation that engine manufacturers will reduce the costs of power units, thus assuring the V6 Hybrid technology remains until 2020.



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