Formula 1 needs more 'action' and could learn from MotoGP, former McLaren and Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger has said.

Berger believes the sport is currently too predictable and that importance of the driver has been negated by too much technology. He also reckons that the changes being proposed for the future - and discussed again on Friday in London by the FIA and key teams members - simply don't go far enough.

"We have a really difficult time. Mercedes has of course done its homework really well and deserves every respect. But as fans we want more battles, more tension," the 56-year-old told Salzburg Nachrichten.

"In my day a Formula 1 car was like a loose cannon. We had cars with up to 1,400 bhp and without automatic transmission, electronic aids or today's aerodynamics. Today even sportscars have as much power as F1 cars.

"There were dominant teams in the past, but we had more retirements. Today every car finishes, there are no surprises. Previously until the last lap nothing was sure - and in my time driving errors were punished [too]. Today you have asphalt run-off areas and, with luck, you don't even lose a position.

"It is now clear after the first corner, who will win the race."

Berger also said that the contrast to MotoGP could not be starker: "They have 270 bhp and 160 kilos and a small contact surface. That is exactly like a loose cannon. We have to go back and make the driver the decisive factor again," added the winner of ten F1 races.

"There should only be four of five drivers who are capable of dominating. There must be change if we want to keep fans in the long term."

His comments echo those he made two years ago, when he criticised the sport for being too safe and sterile, noting that modern Grands Prix send him to sleep.



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