Remi Taffin says there won't necessarily be more pressure this year on Renault now it is back as a full works team.

Renault have lagged behind Mercedes and Ferrari under the new V6 turbo regulations, but engine technical director, Taffin believes the French firms decision to re-purchase the Lotus F1 Team will only spur them on.

"It's not about pressure," said Taffin. "We're always under pressure. It's about our ability to turn that pressure into very good pressure.

"We were already under pressure with Red Bull or any other customers, because we had the pressure to do it right and be first if you can.

"Now, it's our own company, we do our own cars and obviously if we win, we make this company win. It's more about the spirit of building a team, achieving things for everyone. As we say, it's actually for Renault. The pressure is there, maybe it's more pressure but it will also be more natural."

Taffin also added that they will now be able to plan further ahead rather than focusing on Red Bull's demands for the following race.

"The short answer is I'm confident that the decisions we'll be making will be our own decisions," he replied, when asked if part of the problem in 2015 was Red Bull rushing them into developments.

"We'll be in charge. But again, it's like the pressure we talked about earlier. It's good pressure. When you do decide things and deliver, that's a good thing. If you don't, then you take it on and you retry.

"You don't have that pressure where you are obliged to do this or that. Even if we had done a better job over '14 and '15, I'm not sure Red Bull would not be asking for more. Eventually having Renault behind us... it just gives you that freedom where we can plan things for two or three years rather than trying to answer a customer that needs something for the next race," he explained.



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