Romain Grosjean says he expects the 'baseline' of the new Haas F1 car to be good after getting a preview of the chassis in the team's simulator.

The Frenchman, who will lead Haas' much anticipated inaugural season of F1 racing this year, is now just two weeks away from turning his first wheel in the as-yet-unnamed Haas chassis.

In the meantime, he has been preparing himself with a stint in the team's simulator, where he was able to get an idea of how the Ferrari-powered chassis will behave when it hits the track in Barcelona on 22nd February.

"The sensations were quite good, even if at first it was necessary to solve lots of small technical problems, such as the throttle response, energy recovery during braking" he told French publication L'Equipe.

"Once everything was sorted, it was possible to drive well. This allowed us to work on the primary settings of the car such as brakes, throttle response, differential, and how the different ride heights impact the aero and how that compares to the calculations in the windtunnel."

Though Grosjean admits the correlation between the car and simulator could be very different, he feels the car at least has a 'good baseline'

"A simulator is always just a guide, but I think the car's baseline appears to be good. We now know the simulator corresponds to the windtunnel, but the differences with what we find in reality are sometimes huge. At Lotus, for example, the car changed dramatically between track and simulator."



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