Romain Grosjean says the Haas VF-16 will be fully up to speed tomorrow despite suffering a dramatic front wing failure on the first morning of the team's F1 debut in Spain.

The French driver became a passenger in Haas's first F1 car after it lost its front wing on the pit straight at Circuit de Catalunya and despite forefitting a lengthy chunk of time to understand the fault Grosjean says it was a positive day for the team.

The former Lotus driver was able to get back out on track for the final 90 minutes of the test, albeit running at limited speeds, and is confident Haas understands the cause of the front wing break and will have a solution by tomorrow morning.

"We had a small issue with the wing which took up some time but we have fixed it for tomorrow which is good and we understood what the problem was and generally the car felt good," Grosjean said. "It is a small team but we have big resources and we have understood the problem very quickly. It was clear to everyone and it shouldn't be too hard to fix it.

"The fix is coming tomorrow and 99% chance we have fixed the problem which is good. There have been little things but everyone is on it and they are there whenever we need it."

Grosjean says the team wasn't hunting lap times or set-up and was purely seeking mileage for the all-new VF-16 and even though it completed the least amount of laps of any team - 31 timed laps - he left the track feeling upbeat with the progress made.

"The way we are able to go out to be able to do laps without any big problems with the car and driving it is good," he said. "No leaks, no problems, no failures, no electric cuts. We will have more problems that is a fact as it is such a complicated technology. There is a lot of interaction between the parts but generally we are very happy with where we are."



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