Daniel Ricciardo says he was happy with the feedback from the new ultra-soft tyre as he and Sebastian Vettel got the opportunity to use it on the second day of F1 testing in Spain.

On another productive day for the Australian as he completed his two-day stint in the new Red Bull RB12, Ricciardo completed 112 laps, suffering only the odd niggle over the course of the day.

Highlighting his progress was a run on the new 'purple' ultra-soft tyre before the lunch-break, allowing him to lap in 1min 23.525secs, with Ricciardo saying he felt like it was a good evolution of the super-soft.

"It just felt like another step on top of the supersoft and the tyre behaved like just a softer compound, so I think that's good. It's consistent and you can expect just a little bit more grip from it. So yeah, a bit like the car, nothing strange, nothing to be concerned about and I think the ultra-soft was a good little step."

Discussing the car itself, Ricciardo says everything is working well on the RB12, adding that it seems a natural progression from last year's car.

"I think the chassis and everything is handling pretty well. It's hard because it's so cold here as well - the track is so cold - so normally you have a bit of understeer and things like this. The front tyres struggle to work a little bit, especially in the morning, but otherwise the car is pretty balanced."

"Nearly 200 laps I think over two days and Danny has still got two days ahead of him, so it's good. The team is positive, we're all feeling like we're in a good place. We didn't expect to set the world on fire during the first part of the season but I think we're on schedule now to be in a good position and we'll see where we end up in Melbourne."



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