Lewis Hamilton says he isn't a fan of the regulation changes being implemented in F1 and feels drivers should be consulted more in the decision-making process.

The reigning F1 world champion says he wants rule makers to value the opinion of the experienced drivers and the GPDA when forming new regulations and believes the proposed 2017 regulations in regards to body and car sizes is pushing F1 in the wrong direction.

Although Hamilton agrees he wants to see faster cars on the grid in the future he feels making them larger to produce higher amounts of downforce will have a negatively impact on how cars perform with Pirelli tyres.

"I don't agree with the changes that are made and have been made for many years, so you just live with it," Hamilton said. "I think the drivers should be consulted and I don't know if they have been involved more in recent decisions, maybe the ones that have just been done, but we do have a feeling in the car, we do have some ideas of what could be better and we do know what could be good in the car.

"It feels, particularly for some of the drivers who have been driving for 10 or 15 years, we've been through all the changes and we know which ones worked and which didn't. So I would say it's a bad thing.

"I think that's just ridiculous personally. They were great at 600kg, nice and nimble and it was easier for the tyres and we had less tyre blowouts. The heavier you make the tyres, the more force there is on the tyres and the tyres will feel even worse. It just puts more stress on Pirelli to produce better tyres and then more downforce."

Having spent the afternoon in the new Mercedes W07, Hamilton says the German manufacturer will stick to its revised testing schedule and still has plenty to do produce the maximum from the lighter car and new tyre compounds.

"With these tyres and the car being lighter, we still have to unlock it," he said. "I think the set-up requirements are different this year and maybe also with these tyres and how you make them last.

"I'm just waiting for the day when we have more tyres and get to do the super-soft and I guess we won't get the ultra-soft until Monaco and start unleashing it. Those are the days I prefer at test days because you get to go out and find out what the car's like."



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