Kevin Magnussen says he expects to enjoy his racing more this season as he prepares to make his F1 return with Renault this season.

Driving an F1 car for the first time since his brief return driving for McLaren at the 2015 Australian Grand Prix almost twelve months ago, Magnussen had a productive day completing 111 laps in the RS.16 and setting the fourth fastest time.

A welcome return behind the wheel for the Dane, Magnussen says the trials and tribulations of his shortlived stint at McLaren means he likely to appreciate his time racing in F1 more.

"I think I will enjoy it more because you never know when it will end," he said. "I will enjoy it all more because sometimes when you lose things, no matter what it is, if you lose something then you find out what it means to you. If you are happy and you are enjoying it you always drive a bit better."

Asked whether he felt he had a point to prove to justify his return, Magnussen says there should always be pressure to perform at your best but feels his experience better prepares him to handle it.

"I think you always have a point to prove no matter who you are in F1," he continued. "Those pressures are always there so you have to be at your best. I will do my best. I am more experienced now as we and have learnt over the past two years so I feel I am a stronger, more experienced, grown-up driver. We will see. There is pressure in F1 all the time."



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