Daniil Kvyat says Red Bull has completed the bulk of its general testing on the new RB12 and will now aim to refine the package to suit his driving style for the season ahead.

The Russian driver ended the final day of the first test second on the timesheet thanks to a few laps on the new ultra-soft Pirelli tyre which he feels will be useful for street tracks.

After completing 96 additional laps with the new-look Red Bull TAG-Heuer, with a fastest time of 1m 24.293s, Kvyat leaves the first test in a positive frame of mind after breaking in the new car.

"I've had two good test days even though I would have liked to have done more laps there is two more test days so I will try to extract the maximum amount from them," Kvyat said. "I will try to personalise the car a little bit more and figure out where we can make more steps forward and develop the car for the first race. Even at the first race we will continue to understand the car and continue to improve the performance.

"[The ultra-soft] is a tyre which is one of the fastest compounds and in certain circumstances it will be good, like street circuits. It was interesting to try it for the first time but there is nothing else I can tell you. It is a soft tyre, good grip but something similar, it is normal and has a similar behaviour to the super-softs. It will be a step forward at street circuits."

Looking ahead to the 2016 campaign Kvyat says the information gained in the opening test, from both Red Bull and assessing his rivals, hasn't changed his outlook and expects to be involved in a similar battle to last year against Williams while aiming to hunt down Ferrari and Mercedes.

"We are trying to work on the car like others are doing," he said. "The situation hasn't changed upside down from last year completely but it will be interesting to see in Melbourne when everyone opens up their cars."



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