Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner says the team can be pleased with its much anticipated first F1 test after suffering no glaring issues over the course of the four days.

The first all-new team to enter F1 since 2010, Haas proved itself to be in the mix from the start of the week, its lap times in range with those around it and proving notably reliable.

Indeed, though inevitable niggles set in over the week - including a late electronics problem shortly before close of play on the final day -, in all Haas still managed a hugely respectable 245 laps, only twelve less than McLaren.

Following a meticulous shakedown programme as the team gets used to the Ferrari-powered VF-16, Esteban Gutierrez completed a race simulation on the final day, which Steiner admitted he was quite surprised to have had the chance to complete.

"It was learning," he said. "You don't want to believe that you can actually do it. I didn't expect we culd finish it off to be honest. I wouldn't have been disappointed if we had a problem in the middle of it, the disappointment wouldn't be big. I would not be happy but we are doing I for the first time but we are a new car, a new team and something can go wrong.

Echoing Gene Haas' words earlier in the week, the test was also a chance for the mechanics to get better acquainted with the car in pit-stop and repair situations, with Steiner admitting it will need tightening up.

"That is very encouraging, we did. Eye-opening wise, the pit stops we need to practice a little bit more because now its reality and you can do practice in the factory and pushing the car in. but it's a bit different when a car comes in to you and its all hot and everything, so it is a new experience for the guys and we need to go through that.

"That was the plan to do a little bit more but we didn't get to it because of the electronics issue, but we are pretty good."



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