Esteban Gutierrez says his new Haas F1 squad expected problems as it adapts to the sport and despite only completing 23 laps on the opening day of the second test he is optimistic it can catch up on lost ground over the final days of pre-season testing.

After pitting with an engine issue towards the end of the morning session the Mexican missed the entire afternoon running as Haas investigated a solution to its fuel system problem and as a result completed fewer laps than any of his rivals.

Despite Haas's second major setback in pre-season testing - after Romain Grosjean missed a large chunk of running on the opening day last week - Gutierrez is confident the team can bounce back and make up for lost time.

"It's not ideal. There's not a lot to say. We have a solution to find, which the team is working very hard at the moment to get back on track," Guiterrez said. "Let's hope that we can fit in three days what we had in four days.

"As we said last week, you can expect to have these days where the whole programme is interrupted. We are a new group of people, on our side as a team we need to be on one side very patient and on the other side keep pushing to be efficient and make sure when we have a problem we find a solution quickly."

Gutierrez agrees Haas would ideally want more time to test and run but accepts the limitations placed on all teams due to the tighter regulations but says it isn't a massive constraint as the team cna find alternative solutions.

"It is always important to get more, as many days as possible," he explained. "I would have liked to have 10 days but in testing in Formula One it's like this, it's not the first time I get limited running.

"Thankfully we have good days in the simulator, we had a fair amount of laps last week and I am prepared and I am ready to go racing. This is not the limitation. Obviously as a team to have different test items that we could have done today that maybe we will miss, it can affect the anticipation. But we can always try that at the weekends and adapt to every circuit so I don't really see a big limitation."



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