Nico Rosberg has criticised the uncertainty over proposals to introduce a new qualifying format for the 2016 Formula 1 season, following word it will have to be delayed anyway.

The sport was set to adopt a new live elimination format to replace the current knockout system, but while the proposal met with curiosity from drivers, the consensus was that it wasn't an area that necessarily needed amending.

Now it has transpired that software needs to be written into the timing systems, which won't be ready for the opening rounds of the season. However, though an introduction for round five at the Spanish Grand Prix has been mooted, it is rumoured the upheaval and the not so universal reception could see it scrapped altogether anyway.

It is a suggestion that has left Rosberg - who was supportive of the new format - frustrated, saying constant changes don't paint the sport in a good light.

"It's not very professional the image that we're giving with that, going back and forth. It's not such a major change so it's good that we're thinking about it and I think it's important to bring them in as soon as possible."

Though he is also willing to trial the new format, Valtteri Bottas has also said that changing the system into the season isn't wise.

"It's quite strange for me that suddenly there is a change. I haven't heard that anyone has been complaining about it. I am fine with the new system, no matter. Maybe that is not really right [to change mid-season], but if they make a change it is the same for everyone."



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