Lewis Hamilton has followed Nico Rosberg's line that the competition is closer to Mercedes than is perhaps being perceived, saying Ferrari and Williams appear to have come with strong packages this year.

Driving the W07 in the morning, Hamilton got the chance to run on soft tyres for the first time, promptly setting the pace with a 1min 23.622secs effort and completing 73 laps.

It comes after Rosberg proved similarly quick yesterday on the softer rubber yesterday, with Valtteri Bottas proceeding to call Mercedes 'in a league of their own'.

However, Hamilton is less convinced by the apparent advantage, saying he expects Ferrari and Williams to still show more of their hand.

"Honestly, I haven't looked at where everyone else is," he said. "Naturally everyone is going to hype us up - every single person is going to hype us up. But you really don't know what fuel load Ferrari is on and they've got a strong package, even Williams has a strong package. I wouldn't take any notice of what they say."

Describing the characteristics of the car on a lighter fuel run, Hamilton says he enjoyed the chance to get a quick lap in, but says there is still work to do.

"To get to light fuel is always an exciting feeling, but it's always new when you get back to pushing on a single lap. The car is in a different ballpark at the moment, but not in the right one, so that's what we've got to work on to get right for tomorrow."



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