Sebastian Vettel says he isn't concerned by Ferrari's reliability dramas during pre-season testing, insisting now is the time for them to be eradicated.

Though the new Ferrari SF16-T has shown credible pace over the course of the two tests so far, its mileage has been hampered by niggling issues, the most recent being a stoppage for a broken gearbox on Kimi Raikkonen's car on Tuesday.

Despite this, Vettel says he would prefer the problems to come now than in two weeks' time when Australian Grand Prix gets underway.

"I'm not concerned," he said. "These things you don't want them to happen, but if they happen here it is not a problem. If they happen in a couple of weeks it is a bit worse, but it is not an issue. In the test you take the time to look but it takes time

"I think we are on our plan. We have had some days where we would have liked to run a bit more but that is what the test is for. We are pretty happy with where we are."



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