Ferrari has caused a stir by rolling its car out on the third day of the second pre-season test with a head protection canopy attached.

The first time the much discussed concept has been seen in public, Kimi Raikkonen took the SF16-T out with a dual pronged canopy attached. It features a central strut attached ahead of the cockpit and stretches above and around the head to attach either side of the cockpit.

A surprise unveiling by Ferrari, the public reveal is a sure sign that development of the concept is already at an advanced stage having been on the drawing board for the last few months.

Drivers have shown almost unanimous support for the introduction of cockpit protection following recent high profile accidents, most notably that of ex-F1 driver Justin Wilson, who died in an IndyCar race last August after he was struck by errant debris at the Pocono Speedway.

With the FIA looking into a variety of ideas, the 'halo' concept has emerged as the most likely candidate for introduction, with Ferrari's reveal suggesting it could be well on course for a mooted 2017 debut.

Raikkonen completed two installation laps initially, but is now lapping without it.



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