Romain Grosjean says Haas is getting its programme back on course after two days of time consuming technical issues, despite a crash both before the break and just after.

The Frenchman was getting his first laps in the VF-16 this week, with Haas desperate to get mileage under its belt after turbo issues curtailed its Tuesday running and sidelined it completely on Wednesday.

Despite some more problems early on, Thursday morning would prove more productive for the team with Grosjean managing more than 50 laps before sliding off track at turn four just before the midday stop. Though he avoided the wall, Grosjean admits he was puzzled by the circumstances of it.

"We are trying to investigate," he said. "I locked the front wheel and went straight. Hopefully we stopped before the wall so a bit of cleaning unfortunately and try to understand exactly what happened."

"We had some issues early in the morning - I don't know exactly what they were - and then we went for a long stint because we want to get mileage. We did manage to go quite long on the tyres and on the car which was good, so I think much more long runs this afternoon."

Reflecting on the set-backs for the new team, Grosjean says it isn't ideal but he is confident in Haas' ability to bounce back.

"It certainly doesn't help when you've got eight days and you miss two, but we are trying to catch back up. We are a new team so there's a lot to learn, but generally everyone is working well. There are a few areas where we can massively improve but the rest is up there."

UPDATE: Grosjean slid off at turn one an hour after the break causing another red flag.



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