Pirelli has opted not to select the new ultrasoft compound tyre for the maiden Grand Prix of Europe on the all-new Azerbaijan street circuit, picking the medium, softs and supersofts instead.

With the ultrasofts set for its F1 race debut in Canada the week before, it had been believed the new purple-banded tyre would continue on the Baku street circuit but Pirelli has opted for a conservative approach with the supersoft, softs and mediums.

To fall within the 2016 tyre regulations, teams have been given the opportunity to choose tyre options 14 weeks in advance for long-haul events, whereas the short-haul European races carry an eight-week deadline.

Following on from last year's rules, Pirelli has stated the mediums and softs must be used at some point in the race in Baku and those in Q3 qualifying will receive an extra set of red supersofts. The teams are then free to choose the remaining sets available to each driver, with a maximum of 13 sets for the weekend.



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