Kimi Raikkonen says he experienced 'surprisingly little difference' with his view from the cockpit with the concept halo protector having enjoyed a timesheet-topping final day of pre-season testing.

The Ferrari driver has completed his entire testing programme and produced the quickest lap of the winter so far, a 1m 22.765s, but he made headlines after rolling out of the garage with a new halo cockpit protector.

After the FIA and F1 rule makers announced halo cockpit protection units would investigated for the 2017 season it had been speculated new designs may be tested in Barcelona.

Nevertheless, the protcetor on the Ferrari came as a surprise having not seen any concepts tested on the opening six days of running.

Raikkonen, who only ran with the halo protector for an installation lap before detaching it, says he was happy with his view from the cockpit but expects it to be just the beginning of the development process.

"Obviously it is a different view," Raikkonen said. "A little bit limited in the front but I don't think it is the final version. Surprisingly little difference. It was a little bit limited on the front, but I am not sure if it is the final version so it could change."

Reflecting on his progress overall after completing pre-season testing, Raikkonen says he was satisfied with his mileage covered and performance established with the SF16-H.

"It was an OK day," he said. "In many ways we could have done faster lap times if we wanted and more running but I think one of the best days we have managed to do with no issues. Quite a few laps and a race distance, though we had to stop once in the race distance, but other than that it was OK."



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