Nico Hulkenberg has aired his opposition to the proposal to introduce canopy protection to F1 cars, saying it 'sends out the wrong message for F1'.

Ferrari caused a stir by sending Kimi Raikkonen out on a two lap run with its interpretation canopy protection attached to the SF16-T. It comes as the FIA continues studies to determine whether to introduce protection for the cockpit, with many drivers seemingly in favour.

However, Le Mans 24 Hours winner Hulkenberg has revealed he is adamant against its introduction, saying 'it looks horrible' and is runs the risk of 'sterilising' the sport.

"Don't do it," he said. "I think it sends the wrong message. F1 is very focused on safety at the moment and for me it looks horrible. I don't like it but it is a personal thing and I wouldn't like to see it.

Asked whether he retains the same view even if such a device saved a life, he says such a situation is hypothetical and that F1 is still remarkably safe without it.

"It is hypothetical of course," he continued. "You can't sterilise the sport there needs to be an element of danger I think that is sexy and attractive. It is what Formula 1 needs. Back in the day it was a lot more but in the last 20 years we've done a hell of a lot for safety and if you see the accidents we've been having and you just walk away with not even a scratch which is impressive. Obviously there is a balance but I feel pretty safe so for me I wouldn't want it."

Despite his views, others drivers have been more positive, with Max Verstappen saying if it furthers F1's pursuit for safety he is for it.

"It is for safety and you want to be safe in the car," he said. "We have to wait and see what the FIA comes out with in the end."



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