Lewis Hamilton feels F1 is still heading in the wrong direction and has expressed his frustration at the latest qualifying format adjustments for the 2016 season.

The Mercedes driver has apologised for reserving his full opinion on the latest changes which have been discussed by F1 rule makers but did show his clear frustration and the ongoing events.

Yesterday Bernie Ecclestone announced F1 is likely to use a hybrid qualifying format which implements the new elimination-style for Q1 and Q2 before reverting to the previous model for Q3 to decide the front four rows because the software technology will not be ready in time for Melbourne.

Hamilton says he isn't a fan of the current direction of the sport and agreed with the question that it is effecting the health of F1 and its popularity.

"I don't really want to say too much about it but I do agree with those first two things [wrong direction and rude health]," Hamilton said. "I do have desire, I'm dying to be able to drive one of those older cars. Maybe I'll do some historic racing at some point."

The qualifying format for the F1 2016 season opener is yet to be finalised with the Australia Grand Prix now just two weeks away, while decisions on the 2017 technical regulations have also been delayed. It has piled pressure on to the F1 Comission and Strategy Group to finalise regulations to give manufacturers and Pirelli enough time to prepare for next year.



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