Lewis Hamilton has offered a candid view of the much discussed 'halo' canopy cockpit protection device, saying the 'way F1 is now is perfectly fine'.

The three-time world champion has previously suggested a dislike for proposals to shroud the cockpit as a way of increasing head protection for drivers, but after Ferrari became the first team to publicly run its own device on the penultimate morning of testing, Hamilton's reduced his opinion to simply a 'face palm' in front of the media.

However, he has since taken to social media to offer a stronger opinion on the device, urging F1 to drop it as the 'worst looking mod in F1 history'.

"Please no! This is the worst looking mod in Formula 1 history," he wrote on his Instagram accompanied with an image of Raikkonen's Ferrari. "I appreciate the quest for safety but this is Formula 1, and the way it is now is perfectly fine."

Though some drivers have suggested a fairly supportive movement for head protection, reaction to the canopy from some drivers has been strongly negative, with Nico Hulkenberg saying it 'sanitises' the sport, while Felipe Massa - a strong supporter previously - admits it 'doesn't look very nice'.

By contrast though, Mercedes team-mate and main rival Nico Rosberg has expressed immense support for the device, saying it is a huge breakthrough in safety for drivers.



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