Sebastian Vettel has hit out at the management of F1 for 'lacking direction' as he expressed his dislike for the new qualifying being introduced for the Australian Grand Prix.

The German, who tested the controversial halo protection device on the final day of testing, has been vocal about the direction of the sport and its management over the years, which he complains suffers from too much indecision and a misguided focus.

Taking his aim at the new live elimination qualifying format, Vettel says he isn't supportive of the change because he doesn't feel it wasn't an area for 'improvement', adding that 'no driver' has shown their support for it.

"I'm personally not a fan of the new qualifying and I think speaking on behalf of all the drivers, no driver is. We don't get what's wrong with the old qualifying and why they had to change it.

Reflecting on the wider issues, Vettel says he is concerned F1 currently lacks 'leadership', saying the current changes simply create 'chaos and causes criticism'

"I don't think it's broken. If you measure the races and, maybe it's difficult to, the show, I think Formula One is doing fine. In the background, the decisions lately and so on, it's fair to say it is lacking leadership.

"It's a little bit chaotic if a couple of weeks before the season you start to reinvent certain rules and formats of qualifying, as has been discussed in the last couple of weeks.

"That has been in the DNA of the sport forever, as far as I can remember, starting from karting. Trying to change that in such an extreme manner is the wrong way to go and creates chaos, creates criticism amongst us, the drivers, and amongst the fans.

"I think it's important the sport remains a sport and I can see the excitement for some people with the introduction of the element of randomness, but I think it's important for the sport to remain a sport so that in the end the fastest driver comes out on top with the strongest team. So in that regard I think it's fair to say it lacks leadership."



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