Daniel Ricciardo has suggested Nico Hulkenberg needs to tone down his views on the much discussed halo canopy protection device, saying there is 'no need to be a hero' about it.

Following a surprising public airing by Ferrari on the final two days of the test, the canopy cockpit device has prompted a wealth of discussion amongst drivers with both strong support and vocal opposition.

With Lewis Hamilton declaring he won't race with it, Hulkenberg has also said he thinks such a device 'sanitises' the sport and 'looks horrible'.

They are opinions that have drawn raised eyebrows from those in favour, with Ricciardo pointing his ire towards Hulkenberg, declaring he shouldn't 'be a hero' about being against it.

"I heard Hulkenberg say some things, I don't agree with that," the Red Bull driver said. "Because there is no need to be a hero about the situation. It does not change the sport or the speed of the cars.

"It is just if there are any flying objects it is a bit of extra protection for us. I don't know why he is puffing his chest out for something like that, it doesn't make sense."

Ricciardo has been one of the most prominent supporters of additional cockpit protection and he says he is positive about what he saw on the Ferrari.

"It is not if we like it or not, it is if we can run it and if it is safer. So from what I saw it seems okay. For me when the cars went from 2008 to 2009 it was a big change and the cars were ugly. I don't think that the halo is as dramatic as that."



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