Pirelli has announced the choices made by each team and driver for the number of tyre sets and compounds for the season opening Australian Grand Prix.

Due to new tyre regulations, choices on compounds for long-haul races are made by Pirelli 14 weeks ahead of the race and opted to bring the medium, softs and super-softs for the first race of the season at Albert Park. The super-softs tyres must also be used in Q3 while the soft and medium compounds are mandatory to run at some point during the race.

With pre-season testing concluding last week in Barcelona, Pirelli has revealed what number of tyres each driver has selected for Australia with all teams producing the same numbers for its drivers expect for Mercedes, Sauber and Haas.

Lewis Hamilton has chosen an aggressive tyre allocation by picking only one set of medium tyres to maximise his allocation of six softs and six super-softs. Nico Rosberg has gone one step more conservative by selecting two medium sets, five softs and six super-softs.

It is the same story at Sauber with Marcus Ericsson matching Hamilton's selection while Felipe Nasr has picked the same as Rosberg. Haas has opted for a different approach by selecting the maximum amount of super-softs (seven), while Romain Grosjean picks five softs and one medium with Esteban Gutierrez going a shade safer with two mediums and four softs.

McLaren, Renault, Toro Rosso, Red Bull and Williams have all chosen the maximum sets of super-softs and sacrifice either a set of mediums or softs.

Manor has been the most conservative team by picking four sets of mediums, twice as many as the next team, along with four softs and five super-softs.



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