Claire Williams says if cockpit protectors are to be introduced in F1 they must suit the look of the cars and has backed Red Bull's 'jet fighter' design but wants all protectors to be given time and thorough testing.

The Williams deputy team principal gave her backing to the cockpit protectors after Ferrari debuted its 'halo' cockpit design on installation laps for both Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen during pre-season testing.

The concepts have divided opinion within the F1 paddock with Nico Rosberg and Vettel vocal supporters while Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hulkenberg have held the opposing viewpoint.

Williams has stressed all cockpit concepts are in the very early forms and need testing but having seen various efforts from Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull, is a supporter of the Milton Keynes-based team's design as it matches the style of F1 cars.

"I really like Red Bull's jet fighter concept," Williams said. "If we are going for these new racing cars that are supposed to look futuristic, put a jet fighter type thing around it. I think that is exciting. But then you have to worry about water and condensation and all that kind of stuff. It is still a work in progress.

"I think it is really early stages. I have obviously seen both proposals. They are still in conceptual stage and they are still in full analyse stage with the FIA Institute. Most importantly it is which one provides the most safety for the drivers and until that has been determined I am in total support of whichever concept works best."

With technical regulations yet to be decided upon for 2017 and beyond, the cockpit protectors are not confirmed to enter the F1 arena but have received a strong backing after the deaths of Justin Wilson and Henry Surtees which are believed could have been avoided with the use of cockpit protectors.



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