Kevin Magnussen says he has full faith Renault can reach to the top of F1 after returning to the sport as a fully-fledged team and is focusing on a step-by-step approach.

The Danish driver joined the reformed Renault F1 squad - having taken control of Lotus - less than two months ago and has been impressed by the French manufacturer's setup and commitment planned out across the next few seasons.

Magnussen feels Renault can also call upon its experience having claimed two F1 world titles (2005, 2006) with Fernando Alonso the last time it contested F1 as a full manufacturer team i order to take its challenge towards the front.

"We know this setup can work, Renault, Viry, Enstone, because they have done it not long ago, nine or ten years ago, they did it," Magnussen said. "I have a lot of confidence that they haven't forgotten how they did it. They now have the backing, so there is now a real possibility and opportunity with Renault, so yes, I have a lot of faith in the team."

Despite his confidence, Magnussen is keen to stress the pragmatic approach Renault will take to its reintroduction to F1 and feels his team may not produce improvements in performance until the season begins the European legs after it spent a large portion of the winter transitioning into its new formation.

"I hope around mid-season we can start seeing results and steps, taking more points," he said. "But it is very difficult, because a lot of things are changing at the moment in various ways. There is a lot of stuff happening and we don't know how big the effect will be.

"If we get out of Melbourne with points, any points, then I think we can be happy about that. It is probably just about outside of the top ten where we are, so if we have a good race, we can get points."



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