Pirelli has selected the orange-banded hard compound tyres for the first time in 2016 at the Spanish Grand Prix, along with the medium and soft compounds.

After a number of teams had been complaining of tyres graining at the Circuit de Catalunya during pre-season testing, Pirelli has opted for his toughest sets of tyres for the Spanish Grand Prix.

With track temperatures expected to be much higher than winter testing on 12-15 May the surface will be particularly abrasive, hence why Pirelli has given the hard compound its first usage of 2016.

Pirelli has made the hards and mediums mandatory to be used at some point during the race, while drivers must save one set of yellow-banded soft tyres for Q3 qualifying, with those not progressing forced to hand the extra set back to Pirelli.

The teams are free to choose the remaining sets, making up 13 sets in total for the weekend.



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