Max Verstappen says he is feeling relaxed coming into his second season in Formula One and will now know what to expect.

Verstappen, the youngster driver in F1 history, enjoyed a stellar debut season in 2015, and while his ascent to the top flight after only one year of single-seater racing was roundly criticised, he soon won over fans and the media, ending the year with a number of awards, including picking up the Rookie of the Year title at the FIA awards.

"Very relaxed," he replied recently when asked by about his feelings coming into the new season, "and happy that I gained quite a lot of experience from last year; that makes it, I wouldn't say easy, but nicer to handle because you know what you are expecting.

"Of course there are some new tracks coming that will be different, but in general you know what to do."

Quizzed on what advice he'd give himself if he could go back 12 months, he added: "I wouldn't change so much. It is always easy afterwards to say this and this. But I think at that time, at that moment, I think I was doing quite alright.

"I mean I didn't have so much experienced compared to other drivers. It is always a bit more difficult to start up, especially in Formula One. But I think I improved a lot during the season."

Verstappen also said he doesn't feel under any pressure as such and that the results he obtains in 2016 will be dependent on how good the Toro Rosso is.

"No [I'm not under more pressure now], not really. It depends a lot on the package you get, if the car is good, you will do good. I think last year if you put every driver in the Mercedes, for example, they would have won the World Championship - all of them..." he concluded.



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