Haas F1 boss Guenther Steiner says the goal will be to get both cars to the finish on the team's debut in Australia.

The US-based squad ran well during the first pre-season test in Barcelona, but gremlins during the second limited mileage somewhat, especially on the first two days.

"The first four days were very good. We made good progress and we were on a roll. Then came the second week of testing," Steiner recalled ahead of the first race of F1 2016. "On the first and second day, we only made a few laps, partly because we had a fuel issue with the electronics and turbocharger. Then on the third day, we had a problem with our brake-by-wire system. Our guys sorted everything out overnight though, and on the last day, we had a very good day of testing and were back where we left off the first week. It was a roller-coaster ride.

"At the moment, we are as ready as we can be for Australia, but you're never ready enough. No matter what, we will do our best.

"Our goal [in Melbourne] is to have both cars finish, to show that we can compete and be proud of what we are doing."

Meanwhile, Steiner paid tribute to the work done by the team to get ready for the first race of the year.

"During the five days that the guys got back from Barcelona and before they leave for Australia, they not only have to rebuild one car, but finish a second car. They are working very hard, and it's why we're on schedule," he continued.

"They put in so much effort. It was more than just the two weeks of testing. These guys put in two weeks working day and night before testing to finish the car. We've had day and night shifts the last four weeks, and they've worked well together. They didn't get stressed out and they never panicked. I can't thank them enough for the work that they did over the past few months."

Asked what's been the biggest challenge to get ready for Oz, Steiner added: "It's just the amount of work that goes into getting everything ready. It's taken so much effort from so many people. I think everybody saw how prepared we were in Barcelona with our equipment ready on the first morning of testing.

"We want to be just as prepared for Australia, and that is achieved by the hard-working people at Haas F1 Team."



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