Ron Dennis says he's frustrated at the F1 powers' inability to keep the rule making discussions confidential and feels the public airing of each meeting is disruptive.

The McLaren chief holds a position in the F1 Strategy group alongside the FIA, FOM, Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Williams and the next highest placed in the Constructors' championship from the previous season (currently Force India) which has attempted to thrash out the 2017 regulations with little progress and missed its original deadline of the end of February.

Rules formulated by the Strategy Group are sent forward to the F1 Commission, where the Strategy Group members, remaining F1 teams and selected parties sure up the regulations before putting them in front of the World Motorsport Council for final approval.

Dennis feels any leaks from the F1 Strategy Group causes more problems than rue makers failing to agree on decisions and is asking for a more professional approach.

"What frustrates me is not so much the teams' failure to agree - because the matters about which we are still working to achieve consensus are complicated and involve a number of differing interests - but our apparent inability to keep such discussions private and confidential," Dennis said on "Formula One is a complex business - and I stress the word 'business' because a business is what it is.

"People tend to think of on-track rivalry when I talk about Formula One being ultra-competitive, but the fact is that it is ultra-competitive off-track as well. Commercially, for example, the competition for sponsors is fierce. And there are many other areas in which teams vie energetically to be number-one."

The F1 power brokers have been given a deadline extension until 30th April - the weekend of the Russian Grand Prix - to confirm the 2017 regulations. Red Bull is still pushing for a stronger emphasis to making the cars faster and more exciting, through the use of aerodynamic regulations tweaks, while Mercedes is leaning towards a more conservative future.



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