Nico Hulkenberg has laughed off Daniel Ricciardo's pointed comments towards his opinion on the prospect of a cockpit canopy protection device being introduced, saying his jibe made him smile.

Following its brief public debut during testing, Ferrari's cockpit canopy device - which it freely admits is merely an early prototype - has prompted divisive opinions through the F1 paddock, with Hulkenberg and Lewis Hamilton both strongly against it, while Nico Rosberg and Ricciardo are strong advocates.

With Hulkenberg arguing its 'sanitises' the sport, Riccairdo urged him to 'not be a hero' by trying to prevent it from going ahead.

Despite the scathing comments, Hulkenberg says he has taken no offence to them, insisting he stands by his views but that he respects the Australia's opinion too.

"I read it and it made me smile," he said. "He has his opinion and I have mine, he has to respect mine and at the end of the day it won't come down to either of us. My opinion hasn't changed from back then and we will see where it ends up

Asked whether he was surprised to find such an extreme division between some drivers, Hulkenberg feels this isn't unusual when it comes to discussing issues in F1.

"No, I am not surprised. Different people different opinions. I think it is quite normal."



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