Sergio Perez has expressed misgivings about the changes to radio communications and the qualifying format ahead of the 2016 Formula 1 World Championship season, saying he doesn't expect it to bring much to F1.

Amongst a handful of new regulations being introduced for the 2016 season, there will now be strict limits on what can be communication through the team radio during qualifying and the race, while qualifying has been shaken up to be a 'live elimination' format.

Both changes have received something of a lukewarm reaction from drivers, with some expressing a dislike altogether, while others have questioned whether it will have the desired effect of spicing up the racing.

Indeed, the Force India driver says he isn't a fan of the qualifying format and though he is keen to try it and form a conclusive opinion, he believes it will be exciting at the beginning and 'boring' towards the end.

"I think the last 3 minutes will be more boring in the past because people are pushed to go earlier and, for instance, if we are in Q3 and we use a single set of tyres we will have to go early. You won't have the usual thing in the past when you used to see two or three cars at the last minute. I think you will lose a bit of that in Q3 which was the most interesting session for the fans.

"Q1 could be more interesting in terms of traffic because people will be rushing to put the lap together in the first 7 minutes. Monaco will be very interesting at the beginning with the cars out there but it will be interesting to see how it goes.

"I am not in favour of it, I think qualifying was already good, but let's wait and see. Let's be more positive with the new format and see how it goes but at the moment I am not in favour of the new system."

Discussing the limitations on radio communication, though Perez admits it may cause some 'trouble' he doesn't expect it to change much for fans.

"It's quite easy, at the end of the day you have a lot of information on the dash," he pointed out. "You just have to look after yourself. It might create a bit of a trouble but I think it puts the driver into a position that is unnecessary because I don't think it will change anything for the fans or the sport, but it puts extra load to the driver."



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