Romain Grosjean says the Haas F1 Team is "ready" for this weekend's Australian Grand Prix and is on top of the issues that hindered it during the second pre-season test.

The Haas F1 Team will make its race debut in Melbourne this Sunday and Grosjean has reiterated his belief that the car will be competitive and that they are not far away from being able to score points, although he conceded that squad is likely to have more reliability issues this year than the other established teams.

"That is good, that should be resolved," he told reporters when asked if the testing gremlins have been fixed, including the brake-by-wire issue. "That is one of those parameters that got lost somewhere. There will be other problems. There have always been problems in Formula One through the season and we will probably have to discover more than other teams.

"But I think from what we have learned in testing, the week back home - and probably the flight for most of the guys, and the fact we are here, it should help us to get a lot more knowledge and a lot more ready for being here."

"It is always hard to say after winter testing [where you are], especially as we didn't do any proper set-up work," he added.

"We really wanted to get mileage on the car and drive and see which parts would go down first and we didn't want to lose half-an-hour changing springs or bars [on a race weekend]. I have got the feeling though that the car is not far from the points. Is it going to be from Melbourne or Bahrain or from later in the season, say Catalunya? I don't know. But I think we are not far from stage one."

Asked what would be considered a success this weekend, he replied: "I think the first success would be to have two cars on the grid. A second success would be to have at least one car finishing the race and in an ideal world, scoring points, would be unbelievable for all of us," he concluded.



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