Daniel Ricciardo says he is hoping the mixed conditions that blighted the first day of the Australian Grand Prix will continue, as potentially forecast, into Saturday to give Red Bull more of a shout around his home circuit.

The Australian had a positive first day in the RB12 as wet weather hampered both FP1 and FP2, setting the third fastest time in the former session and fourth in the latter session.

Though he slid off at turn 12 in the final minutes of FP2 when a heavy shower whilst he was using slick tyres caught him out, Ricciardo was pleased with how the car was working in the variable conditions and is keen to see more this weekend.

"It has been better than the last few days - at least we got to do a few laps. It was okay, but conditions just made it a little bit ... we feel like we did not do enough constant running. Tomorrow will be a little bit of a mixed bag for everyone.

"I think it is cool - the laps we did I was pretty happy with. The car is a decent place, so roll on tomorrow. And we will see where we end up. We probably will still have some unanswered questions tonight, but tomorrow we will answer them.

"Anything that is a bit variable will suit us. I am not too frustrated with the position we are in. at least it is the same for everyone and we will be able to adapt quick in changing conditions tomorrow. Or if it is dry we will hopefully find something a bit quicker than the others."

Reflecting on his off in FP1, Ricciardo joked that he planted his friends there intentionally and promise he would park up to greet them.

"I told a bunch of my mates to wait at the exit of Turn 12. They are all stoked, they didn't think I'd pull through with it but I did. And the car was fine - a bit of gravel, but the mechanics love it, so it was all good!"



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