Kimi Raikkonen says the move to limit radio communications in F1 shouldn't create too much of a headache for Ferrari, but says 'small issues' could make matters tricky.

New restrictions on radio communications between team and driver are being enforced from this weekend's Australian Grand Prix. Though the FIA is keen to delegate more influence to a driver in decision-making processes, the move has prompted a lukewarm response, with many saying it goes against F1's technological ethos and others suggesting it won't make any difference anyway.

Raikkonen, however, is keeping typically stoic about the new rules, suggesting minor problems that could be missed by a driver may cause issue, but otherwise he expects qualifying and the race to go without a hitch.

"It's different but if things are going OK and there are no problems," he said. "I don't think there will be an issue. Still there are chances to have small issues or make mistakes, but in an ideal world it shouldn't change anything. But if you have a small issue than it could be a bit trickier.

Reflecting on his first day in the Ferrari SF16-H around a soggy Albert Park, Raikkonen says it will take until the forecast dry qualifying session to really understand where the team is relative to Mercedes, which set the pace in FP1 and FP2 with Lewis Hamilton.

"We'll be able to find out a bit more about our performance compared to Mercedes, we'll understand where we are in relation to them, but there will be other teams in the battle at the front. Once again, though, the weather will pay an important role."



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