Red Bull Racing has revealed its interpretation of a potential cockpit protection device, complete with a more conventional screen, though the FIA has stated this version is unlikely to be adopted as it forges ahead with the 'halo' concept.

Red Bull had been known to be working on a solution that was conceptually different to the 'halo' design being championed by Ferrari and Mercedes, with a front screen that reaches above the height over the driver in the cockpit but doesn't stretch back as far as the driver.

By contrast, Ferrari's canopy, which was revealed in public with a brief outing during testing, features a central strut attached to the nose that stretches back, over and around the driver.

With Red Bull Racing taking to Twitter to reveal its design, the company is said to have been testing its viability, but is unlikely to do so with the FIA's backing. The organising body says it is already advanced in testing the Ferrari halo canopy, with FIA director Charlie Whiting stating Red Bull's version being put aside as it wouldn't be ready for a 2017 introduction.



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