Kimi Raikkonen says there is no reason for Ferrari to be "too worried", even though Mercedes had the edge in qualifying for Sunday's season opening Australian Grand Prix.

Ferrari locked out the second row, but Raikkonen and Vettel were both more than half a second off the time posted by pole sitter Lewis Hamilton.

Despite that, however, Raikkonen, who will start in fourth, insisted the "true picture" will only become known in the coming races, when F1 goes to "normal circuits" and has more "normal conditions" over the weekend.

"There's a difference obviously," Raikkonen replied, when asked to explain the gap to Mercedes, as well as the difference between himself and Vettel.

"I struggled a bit with the warm up. On the last set was slightly better but I wouldn't put too much in to the time differences between us and Mercedes here.

"Obviously yes we would rather be in the front but it has been quite a strange weekend so far and for us I think it would be better to have slightly warmer conditions to have the tyres ready and working better. The car feels pretty good so I think it's too early.

"Once we go to the next races and normal circuits and hopefully more normal conditions then we'll see the real picture. Obviously they are very fast but I don't think we should be too worried."

Raikkonen also confirmed that the reason Ferrari only did one run in Q3 was to preserve tyres.

"We had a new set of tyres but we decided to save it for tomorrow's race. It's the decision that we had to make and we'll see how it plays out tomorrow. We had tyres but I don't think it would have changed a lot, I think we would have been just between us two. So not an ideal qualifying but I don't think it's too bad."

Meanwhile, Raikkonen added he is not overly concerned about the clamp down on radio communications and the impact this might have in the race.

"I think if everything runs normal and as planned it shouldn't make an awful lot of difference," he stated.

"Obviously if there's issues or a very confusing race with a lot of things happening it will be more tricky. But as long as we remember to do the things that we are supposed to then in an ideal world it should not change an awful lot, but it's not often that it goes as planned so let's see. It's a new thing again and we try to make the best out of it and not make mistakes."



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