Christian Horner says F1 has shown itself in a positive light after a difficult few weeks and was also pleased with Red Bull's performance at the Australian Grand Prix despite Daniil Kvyat's failure on the formation lap.

After the shambles which became the new qualifying format, which has already been binned, Horner says he's happy the sport could put on a show on race day with competitive battles throughout the grid and Fernando Alonso being able to walk away from his huge shunt which forced a red flag.

Horner struggled to hide his disappointment at Kvyat's second straight luckless race in Australia, with the Russian failing to make the start with a CU-H electronics failure on his power unit, but was pleased by Daniel Ricciardo's race pace to take fourth place at his home event.

"Fundamentally the chassis is working very well," Horner said. "The degradation on the tyres has been very good. Our stint lengths seemed as long as the best, and we were competitive. When Ricciardo was in clear air on the same tyre he was doing the same times as Vettel. So I think some real encouraging facts. I think we got the strategy right today, and good pit stops, so it was a solid performance.

"I think it's been a good race for Formula 1 today. It was competitive, fights going on throughout the field, some great racing.

"The best result about today was Fernando emerging unscathed from that accident. It was a horrifying-looking accident but the car, safety wise, circuit safety wise, everything did exactly as it should and it was a relief to see him get out unscathed because there was a huge amount of energy in that shunt. I think we put on a good race today. It was a big crowd and hopefully a big audience, and I think that was Formula 1 at its best and as it should be."



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