Esteban Gutierrez says he was 'relieved' to see Fernando Alonso walk away from their crash during the Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso was launched into a barrel roll in the gravel after running into the rear of Gutierrez's Haas on lap 18 at turn three and clipped the barrier to get wedged in the ground upside down. Despite the spectacular nature of the incident both drivers walked away unhurt with neither given blame for the crash by race direction.

Gutierrez, who says he was aware of Alonso closing in on him, admitted it was very scary for his rival after seeing him tumble into the barriers and was relieved to see the two-time F1 world champion pop out of the car unharmed.

"The most important thing is Fernando is fine. It was very scary to see and to live that moment but I was relieved to see Fernando was okay," Gutierrez said. "When I got out of the car he jumped out pretty quickly. He looked okay. We both realised how dangerous this sport is and it was quite scary to see that moment but we are fine and need to look on the positives."

The Mexican driver says he was taken by surprise after Alonso bounced of his rear and confirmed he braked for turn three as normal, which was confirmed by the FIA with neither driver receiving further punishment for the accident.

"I saw that he was behind and I braked in a straight line," he said. "He caught me by surprise as he came so quickly and I didn't really understand what happened. After looking at the video I saw that he went on the left and it was probably the difference in braking [between the two lines]."



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