FIA race director Charlie Whiting says it is unlikely the motorsport governing body will put its plans to introduce the 'halo' cockpit protection device on hold even if another 'better' concept emerged.

The FIA has been forging ahead with rigorous testing of the 'halo' concept, which was given a surprise public airing earlier this month when Ferrari briefly fitted an early prototype to its car during pre-season testing.

Though the device has proven divisive amongst drivers, with the likes of Daniel Ricciardo, Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg in favour and Lewis Hamilton and Nico Hulkenberg staunchly against it, the FIA says its research and development is now well developed, hinting it could well debut as early as 2017.

It comes as Red Bull Racing revealed renderings of its interpretation for cockpit protection during the Australian Grand Prix, which features a frontal screen in front of the driver.

Though it is a design preferred by some, Whiting feels the 'halo' offers the 'best all-round protection', though he adds the FIA would be reluctant to delay development even if it 'felt there was another better concept coming'.

"I don't think we would delay if another one was emerging," he said. "We are on a course for the Halo as that has been tested thoroughly and we feel that it offers the best all-round protection. We do have, as I said earlier, a thorough risk assessment to on a number of different accident scenarios.

"We want to make sure we are not going to make things worse in certain circumstances, so that has to be done. But I don't think we would delay it because we felt there was another better one coming."



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